CSA Winter 3v3 Games & Training

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Season Information

U7-U12 only

All games played at Wall2Wall- 846 Reading Road, Mason, OH 45040

Teams outside of CSA- Limited space in each of the age division is available and teams will be accepted based on the application process.

CSA will have four to six teams in each age group.

Dates: Nine (9) Friday Nights -12/19, 1/9, 16, 23, 30 & February 13, 20, 27 & March 6th.  (No make-up date at this time)

Age Group          Start         Stop
U8 – U10           6:15 PM    7:00 PM
U7 & U9 – U11  7:00 PM    7:45 PM
U10 – U12         7:45   PM    8:30 PM

Each team will play two 20 minute games each night.

Cost: Non CSA team $495 per team fee. Please click here  for the team application
CSA individual members fee$140 which includes 45 minutes of additional training before or after the two 3 vs. 3 matches. Click Here to register.

We recommend 6 players per team.
Players self referee the matches with parental supervision by coaches.
No scores are kept, No standings recorded.

3 vs. 3 Game Information

TIME KEEPING – We will run the clock and buzzer to start and stop play time.
The clock will start as close to the start time as possible and will stop as close to the end time as possible. This will allow maximum play if both teams are ready.

We will have small goals (4 ft. x 7ft.) for 3 vs. 3 on a field that is about 25 x 33 yds.
Start your game with a kickoff as soon as both teams are ready.
Read the rules, make sure you and your players know them and follow them.
Clean up your playing area after your game.
Clock runs for about 20 minutes for each game period. Your team will get more playing time if you hustle to your field.

3 vs. 3 Game Rules


Follow FIFA rules except the following:

Start of Game
Coaches are in charge of getting each game started as soon as both teams are ready – More playing time the sooner you’re ready.

Kick Off
May be taken in any direction.

No Goalkeepers
Please do not assign a player to stand in front of the goal. Allow your players the freedom to run and play.

Substitutions may be made at any dead-ball situation, regardless of possession.

No Offside in 3v3 Soccer

No Slide Tackling
Players must stay upright and “on their feet” and may not make contact with an opposing player. This does not prevent players from sliding to stop/intercept a ball but NO contact can be made with opposing players.

Goal Scoring
A goal may only be scored from a touch (offensive or defensive) within a team’s offensive half of the field. There is no midfield line marked, but use your own judgement. If a player in their defensive end kicks the ball across midline and the ball hits another player (offensive or defensive) and the ball goes in the goal, a goal will be awarded.

Five Yard Rule
In all dead-ball situations, defending players must stand at least five yards away from the ball.

The ball shall be kicked into play from the sideline instead of thrown in. The ball is considered in play when the ball is touched with a foot and moves one full rotation. All kick-ins are indirect.

Indirect Kicks
All dead-ball kicks (kick-ins and kick-offs) are indirect with the exception of corners.

Goal Kicks
May be taken from any point on the endline.

League Standings
There are none.

CSA Training

CSA Teams will train for 45 minutes before or after their 3 vs. 3 matches. CSA staff including Director of Coaching Alex Rawlings along with other CSA staff members will conduct the training.

* Please keep siblings and stray soccer balls off of the fields during play.

Registration and Payment

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For non-CSA Teams only! *Please fill out the registration form and make check out to: Cincinnati Soccer Alliance 3v3 and mail it to Cincinnati Soccer Alliance C/O Dave Woeste, 2719 Columbia Trail, Loveland, Ohio 45140. Your registration will not be confirmed until we receive your check.