Cincinnati Soccer Alliance enters joint venture with Summit K6 Athletics to form CSA South

Summit K6 recognizes the value of joining CSA (aka-Cincinnati Soccer Alliance) as a way to bring consistent professional training to their soccer program.

Milford, OH May 20, 2011: Alex Rawlings, Director of Coaching at CSA and Jeffery Wallace, Summit Booster Vice President K6 Athletics, have come to an agreement to bring together the two great organizations to form CSA South. After discussions both parties have decided to move forward starting with tryouts this month.CSA South is a non-profit organization which means club soccer at about half the cost. Some of the new things this brings to Summit K6 Athletics are:

  • Consistent professional training for all S.A.Y. level teams.
  • Formation of select level teams trained and playing under the CSA umbrella as CSA South.
  • Recreational and Competitive divisions will ensure player safety and proper emotional, physical and technical development.
  • Year round training, conditioning and skill development available.
  • New CSA JR’s YDA (Youth Development Academy) available for kids 4-9.