Cincinnati Soccer Alliance Tryouts

Cincinnati Soccer Alliance (CSA) is one of the area’s strongest select soccer clubs.With a roster of over 65 boys and girl teams, CSA has a home for players of all levels who want to develop their soccer skills in a fun and competitive environment. CSA teams practice in Loveland and Miami Township, but welcome players from anywhere in the south western Ohio area. CSA also runs the popular Dog Days Tournament, which is a key fund-raiser for our club.

Age group Chart

Supplemental Tryout Dates & Times

Always check the club hotline prior to leaving for a tryout 513-588-8433

Monday, November 4th – Milford High School (Turf Field)
5:45 – 7:00p        Gu7, Gu8, Gu11, Bu7, Bu8, Bu9, Bu11
7:15 – 8:30p        Gu9, Gu10, Gu12, Gu13, Bu10

Tuesday, November 5th – Milford High School (Turf Field)
5:45p – 7:00p     Gu15, Gu18, Bu12, Bu14, Bu15, Bu16
7:15p – 8:30p     Gu14, Gu16, Gu17, Bu13, Bu17, Bu18


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Q & A

Trainer assignments (Click Here) for your son/daughter’s upcoming Fall’13 – Spring ’14 Team.  The assignments are very important to CSA both short and long term.  Assignments can change due to certain unique circumstances beyond our control.

Age Group Contacts

Below are the names and email addresses for the Age Group Coordinators of your son/daughter’s upcoming Fall’13-Spring’14 Soccer Team.  Please feel free to contact them for needed information on the age group, team and/or club.

Boys AGC’s for Fall 2013       

Click on the AGC name to contact them    

Bu7         Doug Conway                  

Bu8        Deb Walker

Bu9        Julie Crawford                 

Bu10      Julie Crawford                  

Bu11      Alex Schick                          

Bu12      Tim Clark                            

Bu13      Jeffery Waple                    

Bu14      Eric Weber                          

Bu15      Randy Glasgow                  

Bu16      Zac Van Frank

Bu17      Bill Reigle                                

Bu18      Dave Stejbach                    

Girls AGC’s for Fall 2013   

Click on the AGC name to contact them

Gu7        Doug Conway                   

Gu8        Brady Wolfer

Gu9        Doug Kohls    

Gu10     Nate Gooley                        

Gu11     Mike Cook                           

Gu12     Roger Claus                         

Gu13     Beth Huber                          

Gu14      Greg Petty                          

Gu15     Steve Leyland

Gu16     Tom Cavill                           

Gu17     Scott Wright                       

Gu18     Michael Slauter

Milford High School (Turf Field)